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Projected work by Bill & Cindy Buzadi Bill & Cindy Buzadi with animated film snapd at the "Anti-Social" opening reception held at Norman Felix Gallery SNAP Downtown Toronto - Norman Felix Gallery Presents: Anti-Social Embedded image permalink   Space TV: InnerSPACE Coverage of Stranger Than Fiction is set to air across the country on Space at 6PM EST and repeat at 11PM on Wednesday, September 18. Watch online at:       Sheridan College                 SNAP Downtown Toronto - Stranger Than Fiction.SNAP Pic 1912467   BlogTO ART | Stranger Than Fiction Visual artists Cindy Buzádi and Bill Buzádi bring their paintings, sculptures, and 12-minute animated film Discovery to Gallery Catalyst this afternoon for Stranger Than Fiction, an exhibition where the fantastic trumps reality. The Buzádi's film follows an organ grinder who becomes increasingly hopeless as he struggles to fit in with society, which challenges his perception of reality. The film will be set up as a stage scene for gallery visitors to walk through while experiencing similar themes in Stranger Than Fiction's other pieces. The show runs until September 26th. Gallery Catalyst (666 Queen Street West) 1PM Free w_bill_buzadi_Symbolic Logic_57x36 Akimbo Stranger Than Fiction: Symbolic Logic: Facebook   Buzadi Art Twitter Buzadi Art@BuzadiArt Visual Artists Cindy & Bill Buzadi. View our work at: & Represented by Gallery Catalyst & Norman Felix Gallery.   Art PR WireArt PR Wire@ArtList

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